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Not everyone has a minister these days.  Meet Ken Bird.  He's just as happy to be a pastor to those who don't have a Pastor as he is to his own congregations.

Raised in a bee keeping family in a dairying area of New Zealand, Ken is quite at home taking honey from hives, removing swarms, and milking cows.  Feeling called to ministry, he trained at Avondale College just south of Newcastle. During his training he worked as a factory hand for Sanitarium and as a plumber's assistant.
His wife Cheryll is ministry and chaplaincy trained.  Ken and Cheryll have 2 children.

Ken's interests include bird watching, bush walking,  amateur radio (VK2GDK), electronics, and pulling computers to bits and putting them back together again. He also does a lot of his own motor vehicle servicing.  He has an interest in developing websites, and installs satellite TV systems so people can enjoy the Christian channes on the Optus D2 satellite.

He has been working in ministry since 1977, 6 years in Victoria, 7 years in New Zealand and since 1990 years in southern NSW.  He currently serves the Lithgow, Mudgee and Oberon churches.  He is pretty relaxed, certainly not over given to being stiff and starchy.   His interests in ministry include teaching Bible seminars and home Bible studies - heaps of fun sitting around the table - he loves answering people's Bible questions. He has twice traveled in the Middle East - Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey and enjoys doing public slide presentations on archeology and the Bible.  Other activities include Stop Smoking Classes, Stress Management seminars and helping people with family difficulties. 

He's not a specialist.  He's a GP - a general purpose pastor.  He and Cheryll are happy to make house calls.

If you feel you need someone to talk to, give Ken a call.  You can email him or phone him on  (02) 6351 3634. 

If you would rather talk to a woman, try Cheryll - same phone number

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