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Members of the Mudgee community had the opportunity to have a look at the large multi language Bible while it was on display in the Metro Plaza on April 9, and to turn to different books. “Quite apart from the Bible’s purpose to stimulate Bible reading, it was a real education for a person whose main language is English to see the large range of different languages and scripts which are used around the world” says Ken Bird, the Seventh-day Adventist pastor who was instrumental in getting it to visit the region. 

Unique Bible:
  • Length  - 46.5 cm, Width - 31.5 cm, Thickness - 8 cm.
  • Weighs  13 kg.
  • Each of its 66 books is in a different language
  • On a journey around the world promoting Bible reading
  • The Bible will be in the South Pacific March 6 - May 17
  • In Australia March 27 – April 12
  • Australian Itinerary was Brisbane, Oberon, Lithgow, Mudgee, Sydney
  • Was in Lithgow Valley Plaza April 8
  • By the time it completes its journey mid 2010 it  will possibly be the most traveled Bible in history!

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